Help Desk and Command Center Operations Addendum

Help Desk and Command Center Operations Addendum

This Help Desk and Command Center Operations Addendum (this “Addendum”) is subject to and part of the Contour Master Cloud and Managed Services Agreement (the “Agreement”) between Contour Data Solutions LLC (“Contour”) and Customer. Any capitalized terms that are not defined in this Addendum shall have the meanings set forth in the Agreement. Contour shall provide the applicable help desk services to Customer as provided in an applicable Service Order Signed by both parties (the “Help Desk Services”).

I. General

1. Performance Tracking/Reporting: Contour shall provide a monthly management report of request statuses and service support delivery. Report metrics will be mutually agreed upon by Customer and Contour and documented as part of the finalized standard operating procedures and RACI document.

2. Support Tiers.

a. Tier 1 support means support provided during the first contact with a user requesting support.
b. Tier 2 support means support provided during the initial escalation of an unresolved issue to a general engineer or subject matter expert.
c. Tier 3 support means support provided by a senior engineer.

3. Reporting Guidelines:

a. Contour will provide agent availability through a Customer-provided, Contour-supported standard or contact phone number. All incident requests reported to Contour through such methods will be acknowledged and responded to within the service level agreement (“SLA”) below. The incident will be logged and either resolved, or prioritized and escalated.
b. Incidents and requests may also be communicated by email or the Cinch Portal and will be either resolved, or prioritized and escalated within 15 minutes of the acknowledgement of the incident or request during coverage hours or next day for requests received.
c. Contour will may commercially reasonable best efforts to respond to system outage or other emergency issues as expeditiously as possible. In the case of multiple service requests made to Contour simultaneously, we will analyze and address requests sequentially while working with the main contact at Customer to ensure requests are assigned the proper priority.

4. Tier 1 Help Desk Support Services: The Help Desk Services include support for Contour-supported desktop software, remote user connectivity, password administration, and desktop hardware. This Help Desk Services are available Monday to Friday, 7AM to 7PM (“Support Hours”), unless otherwise agreed upon in the applicable Service Order.

5. Tier 2 Command Center Operation Support Services: Tier 2 support may manage strategic partners and manufacturers reasonably determined by Contour. Tier 2 support is available to resolve issues that Tier 1 cannot resolve within the initial resolution SLA. Contour resources providing Tier 2 support will also determine whether issues need to be escalated to Tier 3 and for managing follow-up with Customer. Tier 2 support is available 24/7/365.

6. Tier 3 Engineering Support Services: Tier 3 support is available 24/7/365. These engineers will be engaged to provide support as needed as reasonably determined by Contour.

7. Standard Operating Procedures: Customer will cooperate with Contour as reasonably necessary for Contour to provide the Help Desk Services in a timely fashion. Contour shall not be responsible for any delays or failure to meet any service level attributable to Customer’s failure to provide timely assistance or information or Customer’s failure to communicate timeline decisions to Contour. Prioritization levels associated with specific events, business requirements, and other criteria designated by Customer will be mutually agreed upon in “Standard Operating Procedures” and maintained in the Contour system. The Standard Operating Procedures will clearly communicate the prioritization matrix, which will be mutually agreed upon by Customer and Contour that governs the escalation and issue management process. Supported application and hardware lists will be maintained and mutually agreed upon with the Standard Operating Procedures. Response Center request system configuration and call flow are defined with escalation and communication policies as well.

8. Non-Supported Technologies: Contour may at its discretion provide support for devices, software and other technologies that are not part of Contour’s standard support offerings. Such support, if provided, is made on a commercially reasonable effort basis and the service levels described in this Addendum shall not apply to such support.

9. Modifications: This Addendum, including the service levels below, is subject to modifications in response to changes in technology services and support needs. Modifications will be agreed upon in writing by both Contour and Customer and may be included in a Service Order.

II. Service Level Agreement

1. Response SLA and Incident Management SLA for Help Desk Services

“Initial Response” means an initial acknowledgment of the request and a commencement of evaluation or resolution.

Priority Status Action Time Escalation
P1 - Critical Unassigned Response/Acknowledgement 15 minutes Help Desk
P1 Assigned Help Desk escalates to Tier 2 15 minutes NOC Tier 2
P1 Assigned Tier 2 calls Engineer 30 minutes Engineering
P1 Assigned Crisis Management Process 1 hour CRISIS
P2 - High Unassigned Response/Acknowledgement 15 minutes Help Desk
P2 Assigned Help Desk escalates to Tier 2 1 hour NOC Tier 2
P2 Assigned Tier 2 calls Engineer 4 hours Engineering
P3 - Low Unassigned Response/Acknowledgement 15 minutes Help Desk
P2 Assigned Help Desk escalates to Tier 2 8 hours NOC Tier 2
P2 Assigned Tier 2 calls Engineer 24 hours Engineering

Priority Definitions

Priority Level Criteria
Priority 3 Minor adverse impact to end user use of product. For example, the issue impacts only 1 user or is not replicable.
Priority 2 Use of product is severely impaired or degraded preventing major functions from being performed by end user.
Priority 1 Unplanned Service Interruptions and/or any circumstance where the end user is unable to access or use the product or when significant and substantial adverse operational impact occurs preventing any useful work from being done for multiple users.

2. Knowledge Management SLA

Will ensure that historical information is captured and accessible to support the resolution of both existing and future incidents in accordance with the following:

Criteria Commitment Level
Knowledge Management Ticket information updates 100%
Knowledge Management Monthly Management report will be delivered each month. 100%

III. Customer Responsibilities

1. Customer is solely responsible for:

a. Designating a qualified liaison between itself and Contour, to provide the names of persons (and alternatives) responsible for technical, administrative and contact matters.
b. Obtaining and complying with license terms for all Customer-provided software under support on Customer server infrastructure
c. Communication to technical support for and business relations with all end users of Services
d. Providing Contour with a list of end users

2. Customer will not use Services for illegal conduct or interfere with or disrupt other network users and services.

3. Customer must adhere to the Contour Acceptable Use Policy.

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